Beware of Russian women scammers in 2017

I am the one who doesnt support being lonely at all. I am always surrounded by friends, companions and my family members. But later on I decided I wanted to have something more, I wanted to create my own family as well as happy marriage, grow healthy kids and create new family values. I had been thinking a lot about seeking for a girl before I found a few girls from my surrounding. However, it wasn t enough to me and I started wondering whether it is possible to find information about getting wife or not. Luckily, the Internet gave me lots of positive results and persuaded me that I had a chance to create a happy international family. I made a decision to date Russian ladies online and started discovering the ways that could potentially help me to achieve my goal.

The online dating service I chose was made by professional team of marriage agency workers. Also, due to the information I found on, I was able to detect and avoid Russian women scammers. Unfortunately, even if there is a verification process as well as proper checking when you create your own account, there are still lots of women that are not being identified at the beginning of registration unless a man makes a report on her account. Due to dating with some women from Russia I managed to make my own experience on how to behave when you find out you communicate with women scammers.

So these are the things that I took on the first place whilst being a member of dating service:

·     Never reveal your personal information to the unknown person. No matter who contacted me, I didnt have the right to reveal some information that belonged only to me, even if I was asked to. During the communication, it is important to detect such persons who constantly asking you about your financial status and money you usually get per month or even year. Only after dating a girl for a long time I was absolutely sure she was real and then I was able to tell her some information about myself that hadnt been described on my profile. I knew I could trust her.

·     Take a look at your new friend and make sure she is real. Avoid communicating with people who have fake photos and personal details on their accounts. Russian women are very sincere and often it is not a problem when they have to write the message first. But, unfortunately, some of them use the situation and make that in order to catch a man in their trap to get something. So when I got the message from such lady I had to learn her account and make sure she was real  I checked her personal information and looked at the descriptions and photos. Also, the most important thing I managed to discover on the dating service I was registered on was a trust level that usually appears on each single Russian women profile. Due to that indicator, I was able to make sure the ladies were real due to providing their personal details to online service.

·     Falling in love with you from very first letters  the first sign that something is wrong. Be careful when your woman tells she loves you from the very few letters and start telling you about her desire to see your country but not having good financial opportunities her dream cant come true.

All in all, once I determined ladies scammers from Russia I was allowed to write a report on dating service in order to block their accounts. Getting such experience is a huge work that requires some time and being aware of how the whole system works from the very beginning before the actual dating with real single Slavic ladies and only after that you will be able to find your real beautiful wife from Russia. In my opinion, users dont have to be afraid to report about such users when they dating online. 

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      I am the one who doesnt support being lonely at all. I am always surrounded by friends, companions and my family members

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